Sneak Peek 1

27 May

We are excited have Deb join us this year teaching how she makes her beautiful silk scarves! Learn how to turn your own design into a wearable art fashion statement piece.


About our guest artist Debrah Block in her own words:

“i am in love with colors- they are intoxicating and seductive, and I have a passion for form and texture.  i learned  to sew at age 4. I have loved textiles ever since. I have a bfa in painting, and i bring the techniques i learned to silk painting, which is somewhat unorthodox. My projects have included embroidery, knitting, sewing and other traditional needle art forms.  i work with silk and wool to create scarves, shawls and accessories. the colors and effects i can achieve with silk dyes and paints are intense and beautiful, and a joy to work with! i use various resists in silk painting such as gutta, salt, alcohol and sugar syrup to achieve different effects and textures.

creating my pieces is always exciting, the unpredictable nature of the interaction between silk and paint is what keeps me growing and changing. every piece is one of a kind.”

Learn more about Debrah’s work at her website:

 IMG_6958 - Version 2IMG_6978IMG_6951 - Version 2

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