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24 Jul

It’s not too late to avoid FOMS!

(Fear Of Missing Something)

We are making the final preparations for the 5th Annual Creativity Retreat and we can’t wait to share this year’s projects.There’s still room for a few more participants so contact us today and register for two days of creative play. All registered participant will be receiving the Welcome Letter next week via email.

Another Sneak Peek:FOMS


HELLO… We Need To Hear From YOU!!

10 Jul


HELLO FRIENDS! The time is now… We need to hear from you so that we know whether or not we can run this year’s Creativity Retreat. The sad truth is that, at the moment, we have not reached the enrollment necessary to run this fun, creative event. We have never had to cancel and we don’t want to now but, unless those of you who have been telling us for years you are coming back register now, we are getting very close to the deadline (July 28, 2015) and things aren’t looking the way we’d like them to.

Won’t you join us? Find all the details HERE.