About Us…

Deb Barends has been teaching in the primary grades for 35 years. She graduated from Centenary College with degrees in Elementary Education and Early Childhood and received a Masters in Teaching and Learning from Nova Southeastern University. She has worked with students from the preschool level through college, as well as teacher graduate students. In addition to providing fine arts enrichment activities in her own classroom, Deb loves children’s literature and teaching writing to children. She has been a curriculum writer and has presented numerous workshops in language arts, creative arts and Math Their Way both locally and nationally. She believes that interweaving art and music enhances students learning in all areas of the curriculum.

Dar Hosta is an award winning children’s book author, illustrator and educator who is known for her books, her presentations on creativity at national educational conferences, and her programs and residencies with elementary schools throughout the country.  She is an annual presenter at the American Horticultural Society’s Children & Youth Garden Symposium and a member of the Growing Good Kids Book Award Panel.  Dar has been working with children and adults in education since 1992 and has published over 100 books written and illustrated by children and teachers, and these books can be seen at Blurb.  She received a BA in creative writing from the University of Missouri, a language arts education certification from Cleveland State University. She is a faculty member at the Arts Council of Princeton and a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach.  You can learn more about her at www.darhosta.com.

Deb Barends and Dar Hosta met in 2003 and have been brainstorming about creative stuff ever since.


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    […] later in the afternoon, I reflected on the conference with my friend and colleague, Deb Barends.  We went to Lidia Bastianich’s restaurant, Becco, on 46th […]

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